Serenity Rose Vol. 1 is now available in SWEDISH, courtesy of our old vän Joakim “SLINKER” Jonsson (who also provided the lettering this time around). Tack, Slink!

Looking through those pages brings a cascade of death metal pounding down on my head. Lovely!

For his efforts, Mr. Jonsson was awarded the following sketch (among other junk):

And for good measure, here’s the one I sent to Yasushi for his Japanese translation last month:

French, Japanese, Swedish, and Dutch… Sure look pretty all lined up there, don’t they? But where, you might be wondering, is Español? ¡Paciencia, a mis amigos! ¡Serenity está volando hacia ti!

Y en el libro de tres, pronto conocerá a un nuevo personaje muy interesante …

GRAND TRANSLATION CHALLENGE FOREVER! Except Na’vi. NEVER Na’vi. I am racist against any blue people more than 3 apples high, you see. (Just how I was raised, man.)