Did you know the word for “comic book” in Dutch is stripverhalen?

It is both the word for “comic book” and the place I hope to go to when I die.

Anyway… HALLO DAAR! Just a quick post to let you know Serenity Rose Boek Eén: De negativiteit voorbij is now available in DUTCH, courtesy of our friend Stewart Newdale (A good man… and THOROUGH). Stewart’s already finished Boek Twee, as well, so our organization can expect full domination of the Netherlands within the next few months, right on schedule. Watch your back, Mark Rutte of the VVD!

As before, if you are a Dutch speaker / know some speakers of Dutch, please help us spread the word far and wide. I want you to scream so loud Van Gogh can hear you no matter HOW many ears he cuts off.

The word for “witch” in Dutch is heks. Serenity Rose: Een stripverhalen over HEKSEN.

So which will be the next language to join Dutch and FRENCH in conquering the GRAND TRANSLATION CHALLENGE? Right now it looks to be either Spanish or German, but who knows? Portuguese, Afrikaans, Farsi, or some ancient Enochian dialect could swoop in at any moment and claim the prize. To see how to get your words of choice into the race, please examine THESE PAGES. And, as always, dank u zeer!

“Welkom thuis, Serenity Rose.”