And I will be there next week, I guess. (Hoo boy.) Mostly I’m just there to pitch my new, Hollywood-friendly Serenity Rose concept to all the important entertainment industry people:

BUT in between all the awful shilling and selling out I will, as usual, be sat at the SLG Publishing booth (#1815), hanging out, talking to all you genuinely important people, and possibly preparing delicious sandwiches. (Ask for my “Special Mustard!”) Here’s the full schedzicus:

SUNDAY: 11 AM – 3:30 PM

According to the chart I have, ELDRITCH! artman Drew Rausch and I will be occupying the exact same physical space for all those signing times, which will be both horrifically uncomfortable and, I hope, very, very funny.

EDIT 7/15: Not going to have those print copies of ELDRITCH! #1 for the con, unfortunately. They were simply too terrifying to be seen by human eyes. Drew will be happy to do detailed architectural renderings on the backs of our giveaway ELDRITCH! postcards, though. And I will be happy to shred them for sammich fixin’s.

See you next week!