UPDATE 5/28:

Hi! Still working out a whole bunch of kinks here, but it’s 3:37 in the AM and I need to rest my achey eyes… Have a look around, and we’ll talk in a bit!

UPDATE 5/25:

BLLLLLUUUUUUhhhhhhhggggg…. Doesn’t look like I’m gonna have everything ready for tomorrow’s launch, guys. So sorry about that. This whole month has just been one big, frustrating ball of frustrating bigness… One day the bards will write epic songs about the frustrations of this month, you know. Epic songs that will bore children to death for generations to come.


When WILL Vicious start whispering again?

Come back this Friday and behold VISIONS OF THE FUTURE…



VICIOUS WHISPER, infamous rockstar/sorceress and friend to all the planet’s freaks, will return to answer all your freakish questions once per Wednesday from within her floating greenhouse home… just like old times.

WHAT CAN I ASK HER? Anything. All questions and subject matter are fair game. Ask her about her life, your life, her world, your world, her favorite CHUD, your favorite CHUD, anything and everything, she will answer it all. Once per Wednesday.

HOW LONG WILL SHE DO THIS? Until the start of Serenity Rose Volume Three. Maybe longer. She’s pretty much like the Silver Surfer heralding the arrival of Galactus. Prepare your world for eating!

WHY IS SHE DOING THIS? Because it’s FUN, that’s why! And it’ll also help us raise funds for Serenity Rose Volume Three (through print and art sales, mostly). What a sweetie, eh? (By the way, I hear there might be some original Serenity Rose Volume Two pages up for auction right this very moment… LINK!)

WHERE DO I SEND MY QUESTIONS? Send ’em in this direction:


See you May 26th!