Wow… remember THIS? I can’t believe that was over seven years ago already… Look how cute and tiny this site used to be, the lil’ dickens!

SO! I’m still plugging things in and moving furniture around, but for the most part the new Heart-Shaped-Skull is up and READY FOR BUSINESS. This whole thing took way, waaaayyyy longer than I thought it would (upgrading to ComicPress 2.9 was a much more complicated process than I figured), but it’s finally more or less done and I hope you like what you see. Definitely a lot PINKER around here, anyway. Happier, too, in a strange way…

Unfortunately, all the hideous technical delays pretty much DEVOURED every bit of time I’d set aside for Vicious Whispering this month, so I have to push the launch date to the end of June. I feel just horrible about this, but with ELDRITCH! starting soon (and a freelance Nickelodeon job starting NOW) it seemed like the Vicious cartoons would inevitably start falling behind if I didn’t push it back. But hey, more time to get your QUESTION to me, eh? So far I’ve got about 50 or so, but yours could be better than the lot of ’em. Vicious simply can’t WAIT to get started.

. . .

In the meantime, let’s check out the NEW HOTNESS… and consider what is yet to come:

1) SERENITY ROSE VOL. 1: That’s right, folks… Later today, the ENTIRETY of Serenity Rose Vol. 1: Working Through the Negativity will finally be a part of the Heart-Shaped-Skull. I can’t promise every page will be totally legible (hello, paper version), but we’ll give it a cracking good try.

2) COMMENTARY TRACKS: Once Vol. 1 is up and running, I’m going to go back and add a sort of “commentary track” to the bottom of each page, probably two pages a week. It’ll be your typical commentty-type stuff to start… How I approached each page, what I was thinking about at the time, techniques I used, what the little in-jokes mean, how many desks I had to tear in half with my bare hands, etc, etc, etc. I’ll be sure to tweeter about the tracks as they go up!

3) NEW ARTMENTS: All of my professional-type artwork is now on the BIO/RESUME page, including new categories for JUMP (character designs for a post-apocalyptic parkour-style video game), LYLIAN (comic pages for the upcoming spookycute PC game), and, of course, ELDRITCH!

4) IMPROVED SHOP EXPERIENCE: I can now accept credit card payments for prints and original art right through my own little store. It’s done via Paypal, but you don’t need a Paypal account to do it – your soul is safe! There are some original SR VOLUME TWO pages up for sale in there now, too. I’ll be updating the original art pretty regularly, so keep your peepers affixed!

5) BUY A PRINT OF ANY PAGE: Just click the big fat link right between the page arrows and get a snazzy high-res signed print of ANY page from the site.

6) NICER FAN ART PAGE: Much more easily navigable, I think. (And hey, leave a comment!) Next on the list of things to en-nicen – the forum.

. . .


TRANSLATIONS. This is the internet. There’s no reason we can’t have Serenity Rose available in every language of the language rainbow. I’ve got Spanish in the works already, but I want every other language I can get. Anyone who feels up to the challenge, please E-MAIL ME. I don’t have a lot of money to spend, exactly, but I CAN offer you free books, sketches, and prints. (And a link and credit on every page, of course!) French, Korean, German, Portuguese, Esperanto, Farsi, Japanese, Klingon… The translation doesn’t have to be perfect – I just want it to BE there, y’know? Will you accept the challenge?

SERENITY ROSE VOL. 3. “Break Your STUPID Heart.” The third and final part of the first Heart-Shaped-Skull story, coming this Fall. Oh, to break your eyes with beauty…

. . .

Enjoy the new site, REVEL IN PINK and we’ll talk again very soon!