Over a thousand backers. My wrist is already in agony, and I couldn’t be happier. You guys ROCK.

I’m off from my work at the cartoon factory this week, so I’m finally putting the finallest final touches on all the special features for the book. We should be good to go as soon as the last bits of guest art roll in and I collect all the “Thank You” page info (SLIPCASE. Gotta figure out the slipcase!). I’m still hoping to get the books shipped by the end of January, but honestly, with everything that’s happened this month, I might want to take an extra couple weeks and be extra-fussbudgetty with the details. With the support you’ve shown, this REALLY needs to be the coolest book ever… And I think that’s worth pushing the date into February and driving the printer into gibbering madness.

I’ll keep you informed!

Okay… We’re down to the wire now, and I’m gonna throw one final challenge at you. Might be a tough one, but I know you can do it. It’s a really simple one…


You remember my student film, right? “Good Guys Wear Black?” The non-Chuck Norris version?

Well, that’s actually the SECOND Serenity Rose film I made at CalArts. The first one is called “Serenity’s Plot,” and it’s sitting on beautiful, archival VHS tape right behind me right now. Would you like to see it?

If you get this campaign to $55,000 by SATURDAY, NOV. 30 at 5 PM, I’ll show you “Serenity’s Plot.” I’ll send the link direct to Kickstarter backers ONLY as soon as I get the tapes digitized. The film is kind of embarrassing, honestly. But it’s a big part of Sera’s history, and here’s your chance to see it first.

Why $55,000? Well, I just think “1000% of the target” sounds neat. Can you do it?


Today’s image from the Serenity Rose vault was hanging outside my cubicle wall at CalArts in the year 2000 (SO OLD). It was a very early attempt at “marketing.” I have not gotten any better at it over the years…


If I remember correctly, there were giant xeroxed images of Hayao Miyazaki, Noam Chomsky, and En Esch (from KMFDM) next to Sera. We… we had a very strange cubicle.


Since we’re talking short films this week, why not head over to SICKENING THUD PRODUCTIONS where Crestfallen’s own WEDGE WEGMAN is a producer/director/actor/pretty-much-everything-person. They’ve already built a monstrous heap of cool horror/sci-fi/humor/pretty-much-everything shorts, and are currently raising funds for a feature film (go team THUD!).

SICKENING THUD PRODUCTIONS: “Giving the Philadelphia film industry a punk rock style KICK IN THE BALLS!” FINALLY.

And… I’m only going to do this one or two more times this campaign, so let’s spotlight one more artist: JACE MATTHEWS.


It’s SERA! And she’s only $25 in Jace’s store RIGHT NOW. Lots of other cool sculptures in there, too (Ash! Cthulhu! ZOMBIES!), so check it out!

Thanks again, everyone!