Wow, I should go digging for corpses more often! (“Treasure,” I mean. Not corpses. “Treasure.”)

Since I broke open that crypt full of old Serenity Rose treasures and issued the NEW CHALLENGE, this campaign’s gotten over a hundred tweets, posts, and pins. Thank you! I really appreciate your help spreading the word as we roll into the final week of Kickstartin’. Keep it going! Let’s let everyone outside the borders of our beloved Crestfallen know just how lovely/horrible things are on this side of the Inconsolable Wood.

Not much to report since Tuesday (other than the BADASS guest art I just got from Blue Delliquanti and can’t wait to show you), but I’ll have a LOT more to say in our last week. On with it!


From out of the CalArts vault this time comes what I THINK is the very first-ever firstiest first-time sketch of Ms. Vicious Whisper. Or, uh… “Jessica Hold,” I guess.


Yeah, take THAT, “Negative Spin!” Big cross-out right through your dumb name! “VICIOUS WHISPER” RULZ!

Nah, nah, “Negative Spin” isn’t such a bad name, actually. Probably save it for when I’m DJing EBM club nights downtown, though.


Speaking of music, I got a SONIC contribution from Serenity Rose fan 5e7h0m4s. Check him out HERE. Eerie! I’d like to hear more eerie sounds here over the next week, so musicians: SPOOK ME.

I also want to apologize to MAXWELL VEX for somehow destroying his link in the last post. You know, you can double, triple, quadruple check something, but if you’re not willing to check it at least forty times, you just don’t deserve a Kickstarter. Take a look at Mr. Vex’s comic below:


If you’d like to have your work featured in CRESTFALLEN MEET YOURSELF, send me a message! I’ll try to post as many as I can over the final week.

Thanks again, everybody! $42,000… Good god… I wonder what we could do to push it over $50…