Where am I? What… Oh… I’m in my new apartment here in Pasadena, surrounded by cardboard boxes full of old LIFE. It’s amazing the things you unearth when you make a move like this. Like doing some light tomb raiding through a big crypt of YOU.


THIS particular sarcophagus might be of particular interest to you:


That’s right: A VHS copy of Morrissey’s “Hulmerist” video collection! You spotted it! (Also: “Outlaw of Gor.”)

But no, what I’ve unearthed here is a box of old Serenity Rose treasures I thought I’d NEVER see again. All this stuff goes back to the original print run of Serenity Rose Vol. 1 in 2003-2004. We’ve got…

1) Lots of issues 3, 4, and 5 (1 and 2 are long gone, sadly)

2) A small batch of special posters SLG printed to advertise Issue #1

3) A stack of “SLG Stories” from Free Comic Day 2004 featuring an original 2-page SR story. Also some cool stuff by Evan Dorkin, Tommy Kovac, Jim Rugg and others (Oh wow, Little Gloomy!)

Why am I showing you all this? Well, because it is now YOURS.

If you’ve already pledged or plan to pledge, TWEET or FACEBOOK a link to the campaign ( Make sure to tag or “@essrose” me so I don’t miss your post, and I’ll send you something from the sarcophagus here, FREE. I only have about 50 objects to give away, so I’ll keep a list and do a random drawing at the end of the campaign to see who gets what.

The Serenity fans came out STRONG for this book, and you’ve made it into the most gorgeous thing there is. I owe you a lot already. But for the rest of our time here on Kickstarter, I could still use your help EVANGELIZING. Let’s get as many cool people as we can to come and check out our comfy little world. (I promise not to let in any of the super-loud ones.) Should be fun!


Speaking of evangelizing: There’s a new interview with me this week at the brilliant comic blog ROBOT 6. Thanks, JK! Get ready for golden robots, everyone!


In OTHER vault news, here’s my favorite old Serenity character design sheet from CalArts, ca. 1998:


So weird to see her with eyebrows… And I guess I was really into giant Megaman shoes back then? Dunno. Her rings and pendant were already there, but the heart-shaped skull was still years away. NEXT TIME: When Vicious was not Vicious.


Today’s Crestfallen resident in the spotlight is MAXWELL VEX (or “Jimmy Misanthrope,” as he used to be called back in the war). Vexxy has been a webcomic artist for a long time now, and recently completed his horror/sci-fi/humor/pure-lunacy series Agents of the Endtimes earlier this year. That deserves a celebration.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 10.43.12 PM

Thanks for submitting, sir! If you’d like to see your music, comic, paintings, writing, etc. featured in Crestfallen Meet Yourself, send me a message! At least 3 more spaces left.

Thanks again, everybody! 11 DAYS LEFT.