TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY (Hooray!). And the greatest gift of all is, of course, the gift of you reading ELDRITCH! #2, the latest chapter of my Lovecraftianish horro-monstomedy with spectacularly hideous art by Dastardly Drew Rausch (impenetrably scribbley page layouts and shtoinky Don-Martinesque SFX by me).



“Owen Sobczek is filled with angry black worms. His fearsome skeptic sister Anya wants to know WHY. They might have been conjured by Owen’s coven of wealthy teenage occultists. They might have been built behind locked doors in the Newbarns’ suspiciously lovely home. Or they may have crawled out from someplace much, much darker.

The terror writhes deep under your skin in the new chapter of ELDRITCH!”

Digital Download | 24 Pages | Available NOW.


We really stepped up our “game” for this one, guys. The way Drew handles Owen’s creepy pal Chaston Willoughby III… it’s just UNREAL. I still have nightmares about that guy’s teeth, and he’s not even the MONSTER in this one. Eerie, eerie teeth. Unsettling chompers.

The SECOND greatest gift you could give me for my birthday, though, would be a 3D rendering of Serenity Rose in her legendary “Heartbreaker” pose, with maybe some sweet electro-industrial thwanging in the background. Anyone got one of those?


Heartbreakers: Sera from Lathan Lindsey on Vimeo.


How cool is THAT? Thanks so much, Lathan! (One day she must be animated.)

Thank you for supporting the comics, everyone! And especially thank you to everyone who came out to see Drew and me in San Diego. I apologize for all the weeping and violent profanity, and promise it will never happen again. At least until the Alternative Press Expo in October.

Happy Birthday to me!