So by now you’ve seen the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, you’ve wandered about marveling at the new site flashiness, and, of course, you’ve visited ELDRITCH!’s unholy new home on the net… so what else? Could there be MORE?


There is a slick new STORE to go with my slick new website, and it’s FILLED TO BURSTING with new print LOVELINESS. OBSERVE:

That’s the new HEARTBREAKERS triptych up there. You can get them individually or in one print, poster-sized or letter-sized. Custom sizing is also available; just ask! A few of the classic prints are still around, too.

AND THAT IS NOT ALL. We’ve also got NEW original art (including four Vicious Whispers cartoons):

AND… for the first time, you can buy signed books and t-shirts DIRECT FROM ME:

Yes: I have got plenty of Babydoll sizes. (Shirts, not books. Babydoll books are hard to come by.) I also found a box full of that issue of FABLES I illustrated a while back. Happy to sign those for anybody, too… But when those are gone, they are gone forever.

Hope you guys like the new store! I had a LOT of fun putting this thing together, and, needless to say, buying art is the BEST way to show your support for Serenity Rose and keep Volume 3 humming along. Although, of course, you can also DONATE or SUBSCRIBE at $1 a month. (E-mail me if you do, and I’ll send you a goblin – FOR SERIOUS.)

Thanks so much, everyone! Now it’s time for me to go Break some Stupid Hearts…