Spring is here, hot, and furiously demanding I upgrade to a slick new webstore immediately. (I HEAR YOU, SPRING.) So next Friday, May 20th, I’ll be launching a brand-new store here at Heart-Shaped-Skull, a store full of such exquisite, otherworldly wonders your HUMAN mind will scarcely be able to handle the delight. It will be a Palace of Gods, this store.

A small palace, though. I’ve got to clear some space!

For ONE WEEK ONLY I’ve reduced the price on the 13×19″ TRIPTYCH prints to $15 each, and cut the remaining Serenity Vol. 1, Kimmie66, and Blabbermouth original pages to $25. Grab them while you can, because once the new store launches, none of them will be available ever again.*

Yes, we can take credit cards. Nope, you don’t have to have a Paypal account. And yes, I will ship to basically any point on the globe (for a reasonable price now, too).

Thank you for your support, everyone! And as to the subject of Serenity Rose Volume Three… well, we will have much to discuss at the end of next week. See you then!

*Or at least until after my death, at age 71, in a freak Nyarlathotep-summoning mishap.