These days, I’m feeling just like Chaston.

Except without the smile.

Friends, we are in TROUBLE.

ELDRITCH! is officially losing this thing (well, SEMI-officially, anyway). Our chief competitor got into the contest business this morning, and we’ve fallen far, far behind. At this point, despite all your hard work, it looks likely that ELDRITCH! just isn’t going to happen. Dissolved to a sad pile of dust.


If “contest” is to be the final battlefield, we can certainly bring some serious armaments. So here’s the NEW contest…

Go to the Zuda site, VOTE for us, FAVORITE us, give us a STAR RATING, then leave a comment saying you want in on the contest. Get us to 700 FAVORITES by midnight tonight (PST), and here’s what you win…

1) One copy of SERENITY ROSE VOL. 2, signed by me.
2) One copy of SULLENGREY VOL. 2, signed by Drew Rausch.
3) One SKETCH by me of any character from ELDRITCH!
4) One SKETCH by Drew Rausch of any character from ELDRITCH!


5) If we end up WINNING this thing on Friday morning, Drew will randomly select 5 voters and DRAW THEM INTO ELDRITCH! Yes, your own face, Rauschified and covered in tentacled horror (just as you always dreamed)!

Of course, we need to WIN for that last one to happen, and at the moment it’s looking pretty desperate. BUT WE CAN STILL DO THIS! Rally your troops, call in every favor you’re owed, rustle up some votes from Aunt Edna, whatever you can! We appreciate all the help you’ve given us this month (seriously… more than you’ll ever know), but we need to keep up the pressure!


700 BY MIDNIGHT (If you’ve already voted, you ARE eligible. Just make sure to leave a new comment so we can see you there!)