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UPDATE: AARGH, okay, we made that WAY too easy… Past 500 already. We’ll pick a winner now, and a SECOND winner if we get to 550 by midnight. Everyone who entered is still entered!

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I’ve got another old sketch for you today, but first, let’s talk…

Guys… ELDRITCH! wants favorites. ELDRITCH! HUNGERS for them.

It wants 500 favorites by midnight tonight (PST), and has demanded we get them by any means necessary. If we fail to provide its dark smorgasbord, it will be forced to take its sustenance where it may (THE CATS ARE IN DANGER). And so Drew and I are having a contest:

Go to the Zuda site, VOTE for us, FAVORITE us, give us a STAR RATING, then leave a comment saying you want in on the contest. If we reach 500 favorites by THE WITCHING HOUR (12 AM, PST), we’ll randomly select a winner from the comments and send you the following:

1) One copy of SERENITY ROSE VOL. 2, signed by me.
2) One copy of SULLENGREY VOL. 2, signed by Drew Rausch.
3) One SKETCH by me of any character from ELDRITCH!
4) One SKETCH by Drew Rausch of any character from ELDRITCH!

500 BY MIDNIGHT, and all this could be yours! (If you’ve already voted, you ARE eligible… just make sure to leave a new comment so we can see you there!)

And please, make sure you guys hit the big green VOTE button before adding us to your favorites. Everything counts, but your VOTE counts most of all.

TIME GROWS SHORT. Our nearest competitor has amassed ALL OF BRAZIL and is hurling it against us even as we speak, narrowing the gap moment by moment. The situation could not be more grave… ELDRITCH! needs your votes… or it all goes up in smoke.

Anyway, here’s Skrew-Tape. He’s got himself a gas mask.

Who is he? You’ll never find out if you don’t vote… Please keep spreading the word!