Guys, Little Skyler wants to live.

Just look at that face. Lonely. Sad. Wall-eyed. Sitting in a puddle of his own twitching black ferrofluids. All little Skyler wants… is to LIVE. Can’t you help him? Please vote ELDRITCH! and let’s see if we can’t at least clean him up a little. If you don’t vote, he’ll be like that forever.

Coming up on the final push for VOTES here, Eldritch Things… I think we’ve done just about everything we can here, and now it’s all up to YOU, your VOTES, and your WORD-SPREADING MAGIC. Did you ask your mom? Your boyfriend? That cousin you haven’t spoken to in 13 years but would really like to get back in touch? That shadowy figure hiding behind the television? ALL are eligible to vote!

(Get their permission and sign up FOR them, even. All they need to do is respond to the confirmation e-mail to make sure it’s all kosher. Easy as PIE. KOSHER PIE.)

And if you haven’t voted yet, PLEASE HELP US! We’re SO close here, but if we don’t end STRONG, the whole project will dissolve into nothing come Friday morning (2nd place = NOTHING). There are several thousand dollars at stake here… dollars that could make Serenity Rose Vol. 3 happen a whole lot sooner. Turns out if you vote, we ALL win. (Clicky here!)

We’re running our LAST CONTEST now, and this time we’re looking for 950 “favorites” by Midnight (PST). The prize is the same as before: One signed copy of SR Vol. 2, one signed copy of Sullengrey Vol. 2, a sketch by me (your choice of character) and a sketch by Drew (your choice of character). We’re 103 “favs” away with eight hours to go, so we can TOTALLY do it. (And REMEMBER: If we win this thing, Drew is going to pick 5 random commenters to draw into the final book! Your mug – ELDRITCH!ized!)
VOTE and leave a comment right now!


Do it for Little Skyler!