Hello and welcome again to a vision of ELDRITCH! YET TO COME. A little peek at the glorious and terrible things you might see if our comic, ELDRITCH! wins enough votes to conjure itself into existence.

Yesterday we met Goth-Lolita Powerhouse DAIZEE. Today, it’s CHASTON’s turn.

Chaston August Willoughby III is the most important ELDRITCH! character yet to appear in ELDRITCH!, but I’m not going to spoil everything by telling you all about him BEFORE you vote… For now, let’s just call him “Richie Rich with the soul of Aleister Crowley,” and leave it at that. (Or… should it be the other way around?)

I’m guessing Chaston’s design won’t change TOO much if Drew and I get a chance to do the full book. That sweet emo hair is simply not for our mortal hands to touch. Maybe he could be wearing one spoooooooky Manson-style contact lens, though. Perhaps a goat eye!

Suckers are TERRIFYING.

ZUDA UPDATINGS! With the help of your mighty steel, we’ve successfully scaled the battlements and flooded into FORTRESS FIRST PLACE. But now the final battle begins… I’ve noticed there’s often a severe backlash against the comics holding first, and that -combined with our competitors’ continuing SURGE- could easily send us home with nothing. That’s right, guys, the prize for second place is nothing at all. No Anya, no Owen, no tentacles, no nothing. PLEASE keep up the pressure, tell all your friends, blog-twitter-facebook, every message board in sight, call in a favor from grandm… anything you can think of! We need your help now more than ever!

We can do this!