When Jamie “Bear” Smart came to me a few months ago and asked if I’d contribute something to his upcoming zombie comic anthology, I did what any red-blooded American comic artist would do: I laughed at his sickening un-American accent and stabbed him with the nearest bald eagle.

Then I thought about it a bit (while Jamie slowly dragged himself to “hospital”), and realized this could be an opportunity to satisy my life’s #1 greatest ambition: to draw people with flies stuck to their eyeballs, and have other people look at those drawings.

Today, that dream finally comes true.

FAT CHUNK Vol. 2: ZOMBIE lives!

Fat Chunk is an anthology of cool zombie bits by 60-some-odd comic artists, all of whom (judging just from the little icons here) make me look like a sad little rag doll hurled into the corner and covered with urine. God, there’s some cool stuff there.

Available at only the coolest comic shops right this very moment!

…Wait, your shop doesn’t have it? Jesus, why do you buy stuff there?? They have “Marvel Bromance” but not this?? GET OUT BEFORE THE INFECTION SPREADS!

(NOTE: The usual online suspects say the book isn’t out yet for some reason, but here are some links anyhow: Amazon, Things From Another World, and SLG direct.)