Yep, our little witch is growing up, and these tiny, one-update-a-week baby pants just won’t fit her anymore. So into the trash, tiny baby pants! INTO THE TRASH FOREVER.

From now on GOODBYE, CRESTFALLEN pages will come rolling out every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY. Meaning that if you only show up on Wednesdays you’ll miss half the story, lose your mind, and be left broken, alone, sucking your thumb in a dark alley and weeping all over your tiny, filthy baby pants. You don’t want THAT, do you?


Thanks to everyone who followed the book through this dark, painful period of one-update-a-week hell. I assure you, there is a brighter future to come. Chin up, my friends!

More announcements to come very soon.

What do you think, board of directors?

. . .

Well screw you, too!