…For it does not have THESE:

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SERENITY13 X 19 – $18 VICIOUS13 X 19 – $18 TESS13 X 19 – $18

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Yep, I have entered the magical world of PRINT-MAKING, and I’m hoping you folks will find these images worthy of your wall-space.

(Because if you don’t, this muscular behemoth of a printer I bought might just tear itself loose, wrench a wall off your home and print swear words all over grandma. This thing is BIG. I cannot STOP it.)

I spent WAAAYYYY more time than I should have fussing with these prints and making them just perfect, but I think it paid off… My little world is composed almost exclusively of rough sketches and (mostly greyscale) comic books, so I don’t often spend so much time working with color. Or at this SCALE… These images are printed on 13 x 19 inch Canon Photo Paper Plus (Semi-gloss), so they’ll take up a decent chunk of real estate on your wall. They seem almost ostentatious, you know?

DETAILS: The prints are selling for $18 each, or $50 for a set of all three. They’re signed, and they all come with the legendary “goblin doodle” I’ve been including for so many years. Every batch of prints comes delivered flat in a heavy-duty, rigid photo mailer (although if you prefer them rolled, we could probably work something out). Postage is $6 in the U.S. and Canada, $10 everywhere else.

Paypal is preferred, but personal checks and money orders are a possibility.

E-mail me at SERENITY@HEARTSHAPEDSKULL.COM to place your order or ask questions or verbally berate me or offer me real estate or what-have-you.

(And yeah, I should have prints for Comic Con.)

The prints’ permanent home is in the HSS store right here: http://www.heartshapedskull.com/store/

…And also in the brand new ETSY STORE:

Etsy banner

Aside from the prints, in the Etsyplace you’ll find lots of original pages (with nice, see-able pictures, even!) from Serenity Rose, Kimmie66, and Blabbermouth, and before too long we’ll hopefully we’ll get some OTHER things in there, as well. Keep checking back!

THANK YOU to everyone who orders one of my fancy new art prints. They were a lot of fun to make, and I’m CERTAIN I’ll be making more.

Because the printer, it watches me.