The campaign to defeat Proposition 8 here in California sure could use your money.

In case you’re not up on your props, this is the one that would make it illegal for gay and lesbian couples to get married in the state of California.

Let me underline that for you: There is currently a proposition on a ballot in the United States of America that would take rights AWAY from American citizens. For no logical reason.

What few polls I’ve seen show pretty much an even split between supporters of Prop. 8 and, um… well, y’know… decent, rational human beings. An even split. Just terrifying.

Now, I’m pretty confident all you California peeps out there are going to come out and do the right thing at the voting booth Nov. 4, but here’s the thing… You don’t necessarily have to be from California to get a say in this thing. You can, indeed, vote to stop Prop. 8 with your wallet.

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It’s not “too late,” either. The more money Equality California has, the more ads they can buy in these final, fleeting, horribly crucial days before the election. And when you’re talking ballot propositions, ads definitely matter. Every wee little penny counts. The other side has a huge financial advantage at the moment (massive cash infusions from the Mormon church will do that), but we can change the equation if we just keep piling up the pennies.

In about 6 days we have a chance to elect a multi-racial black man with an Arabic name President of the United States of America. We also have a chance to add the weight of explicit public approval to gay and lesbian people’s basic right to marry the ones they love.

If things go the right way, Nov. 5th, 2008 will feel (finally!) like the first day of the 21st Century.

(The flying cars and personal rocket-boots will be distributed on the 6th.)

Please help make the 21st Century happen!

And thanks so much!