I feel sort of like Sera there right now. I’m all beat-up, groggy, and covered in sores from my trip to SF over the weekend (for Alternative Press Expo), but still, like Sera, feeling oddly TRIUMPHANT… For I have risen again, everyone, and am ready to battle once more!

Or, well… I mean I’ll rise up and battle as soon as I get some sleep. I literally just got back from San Francisco a half-hour ago. (We were distracted by miles and miles of elephant seals on the drive down. A hundred of them, all laid out on the beach like fat, angry bladders. I love them so!) But the point is, we’re back in business as of NOW. I’ll be putting up one page a week until the end of ELDRITCH! in January, then move up to two pages a week, and then, hopefully… THREE.

THANK YOU, all you guys, for sticking with Serenity through the years. This book is going to be something particularly special, and I can’t wait to see what you think. (And extra additional-type thanks for everyone who came out to see me and Drew at APE over the weekend. I had forgotten how much I love that convention. It’s kind of inspiring, you know? People doing things just because they love doing them… What art is supposed to be.)