October is sort of a special month for me. October, 2002, was when Serenity Rose first peeked out through her little webcomic window here on HSS. October, 2003, was when I got my first box of Serenity Rose comics. That same October I met Ami in person for the first time (first date: Bubba Ho-Tep). On October 31, 2007, I married her on a perfectly cold, rocky beach in Oregon. We’ve gone on a pilgrimage to the Haunted Mansion at Halloween-time every year since 2003.

October is AWESOME. Chilly air, Karloff on the TCM, pumpkin flavoring in every single thing I eat, I love it all.

So it just seems right that this October, Serenity Rose will at long last begin the final part of her personal journal in SR Vol. 3: BREAK YOUR STUPID HEART.

Sorry for the delays in getting started here… The Zuda collapse sent a LOT of people’s cars spiraling off the road, and it’s taken a while to get back to silky-smooth highway. But now that ELDRITCH! is up and humming, it’s time to get back to Serenity. I didn’t want to be promoting both comic launches at the same time (it’s weirdly a lot of work), so waiting until October should be perfect.

The October start also gives me time to enact part TWO of my grand plan: On October 4th, you won’t get just ONE page of SR Vol. 3. Nope, you’ll be able to download a 24-page issue from my BIG FANCY NEW WEBSTORE. You can still read the book for free right here, two pages a week, but for a meager $0.99 you’ll be able to read far, far ahead, and support SR while you do. EDIT 9/19: Keeping it to webcomic form right now, and working on a release schedule. But we’re still on target for OCT. 4th!

As you can see, I’m giving the site a few little touch-ups here and there (don’t want to embarrass the store, y’know). I’ll have more to say about that over the next few days, but keep your eyes peeled (and placed in a protective case so they don’t leak on the carpeting). Can’t wait to show you all what’s on the way!


And Happy Vincentennial, too!