5 days. $25,000.


Thank you again, everybody! I really don’t know what to say other than that… This is so far beyond what I expected I’m speechless. I’ve been wracking (racking?) my brain for a way to extra-specialize this whole experience, and what I settled on is this:


If we’re lucky enough to hit $35,000, I’ll have this lovely hardcover wrapped in a shiny, heavy-duty SLIPCASE for KICKSTARTER BACKERS ONLY. Yep, if we hit that magic number, everyone who pledges this month will get a super-extra-megafancy version not available to anybody else.

And since I’ve gotten a lot of requests, I’ll also add the lil’ silk bound-in BOOKMARK, a streak of blue through the book like the streak of blue on Sera’s head.

Sound cool? LET’S DO IT!


Also by request, I’ve added two incentive levels:

PUMPKIN PARADE level: The BOOK + the 13×19″ 10th ANNIVERSARY print + a PDF copy of the full book + your name on the “THANK YOU” page

FOUNDERS FESTIVAL level: The BOOK + the PENDANT + the ART BOOK + the TRIPTYCH print set + a PDF copy of the full book + YOUR FACE DRAWN ON THE “THANK YOU” PAGE.

The 10th ANNIVERSARY print is pretty much what you’d imagine, but HUGE.

Hope those sound good! And keep sending suggestions… We still have over three weeks to go!


Okay… Now THIS should be really cool…

Over the years I’ve noticed an alarmingly high percentage of SR fans are artists, writers, musicians, animators, monkey jugglers, evil clowns, and so on. You know, “creative” types. I LOVE THIS. A lot of you have gone on to do some incredible stuff, and I’m sure a bunch of you are among us this very moment. So speak up! Send me a message, and maybe I’ll include a link to your work with the next update. Show the rest of the Crestfallen community what you’ve got!

I’ll start with somebody who didn’t even ask.

SARAH BANNING was one of the first people to send me SR fan art way, way back in Heart-Shaped-Olden-Times. I think she was maybe four years old then (memory’s a little hazy). Her sketches were super-cool even at four, but now she’s gone beyond the superzone. Click the image below to see her lovely gallery and check out her sweet webcomic, Find Kelly Green!

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 10.26.00 PM

(There! That ought to embarrass her good and proper!)

Thanks again, citizens of Crestfallen! Send me your links and let’s keep conjuring!