UPDATE 11/7: ELDRITCH! is NOW AVAILABLE in the HSS STORE. Signed in the blood of the artists themselves (or possibly just Sharpie). Buy direct from us and get a free digital copy for all your shiny magical glow-screens.

Also available from AMAZON and the SLG shop.

It begins…

Painstakingly copied by the Thousand Blind Monks of C’thndok and agonizingly bound in the chitinous exoskeleton of Fearful Disarrah itself, ELDRITCH! has found its way to print!

Inside this utterly horrible 176-page HARDCOVER tome, you’ll find the complete 6-issue series in all its black-blooded glory, original character designs by Drew and Aaron, guest conjurings by the likes of Jamie Smart, Gabriel Hardman, and JR Goldberg, and still more awfulness besides.

The whole monstrous show will come crashing into your home NOVEMBER 14th… Available for pre-order NOW.

Can you hear it drawing nearer… nearer… EVER NEARER??