Visions of needle-toothed babies dance in your head!

ELDRITCH! #4: “The Dream-Quest of Ted Newbarn”

Theodore “Ted” Newbarn is a real “Regular Joe.” He likes fast cars, chocolate cake, Huey Lewis AND The News. He also has a torso filled with angry black tentacles and an unkillable demon for a baby. And as soon as he figures all that out… man, oh man, things are gonna BURN.

RING IN A TERRIBLE NEW YEAR with a fresh serving of ELDRITCH!

Digital Download | 24 Pages | Available NOW.

ELDRITCH! has returned unto you, ye devoted! Your conjurers humbly beg FORGIVENESS for the impure conjurings that delayed our final victory. But fear not! Even now, ELDRITCH! #5 charges toward us through the snow-choked hinterland, drawing ever closer…

The end-game begins in the cold heart of FEBRUARY, 2012!

HAPPY CTHULHSMAS, EVERYONE! Don’t forget to sacrifice some things!