Oh my god, it’s been a year since I put anything on eBay… I am a cruel and heartless busyperson indeed. Let’s start healing the wounds NOW:

FOUR Serenity Rose Vol. 2 pages up for bidding this time, including the first appearance of Chester Merrick, a conversation with Ms. Vicious Whisper, a wee little magic trick with a spoon and a CAR-DELIVERED PUNCH TO THE JAW.

. . .


. . .


All pages are 8.5″ x 11″, mostly pencil and marker, all of them signed. Shipping is $4, no matter where you live on planet earth. (Although I will be very cross if you live in Antarctica. Very cross, and vaguely jealous.)

The bid-krunch ends one week from now, on WEDNESDAY, FEB. 16th, roundabout 1:30 PM, California time.

(And if you’re not into the whole “competitive bidding scene,” take a peep to the ORIGINAL ART STORE. Still a few nice pages left in there, including one of Kelton observing Sera’s massive stitched-beastiestack.)

Good luck, everybody! And thank you all so much for helping bring Serenity Rose a little love this spring. It’s gonna be a tough year… ONWARD TO VOLUME 3!