UPDATE 6-24: We have our Japanese and German natives! Thanks, guys!

“Whoa.” -Keanu Reeves, “The Matrix”

Thank you all for the incredible response to my call for Serenity Rose translators last week. I thought I’d have a bit of bother rustling up folks to take on the GREAT TRANS-CHALLENGE, but nope, so far so good. Here’s what we’ve got in the works right now:

– FRENCH (7 offers!)
– DUTCH (2 offers)
– RUSSIAN (2 offers)
– JAPANESE (2 offers… but still looking to get a native speaker involved)
– GERMAN (3 offers… but again, still looking to get a native speaker involved)
– LATIN (!)

SEVEN offers for French! That just floored me… Right now a very wonderful reader in France has taken the lead, and she’s been able to move really fast so far (which is VERY cool but, as I should probably reiterate for everyone else, not really necessary – take all the time you need). There’s an equally wonderful reader in Quebec standing by to help right now, but if any of the rest of you would like to be involved in proofreading, that would be BRILLIANT. Thanks so much!

And thank you to EVERYONE who’s offered their services so here. This whole thing has gone far beyond “exciting” for me, and I can’t wait to start lettering. And, of course, if you’re still interested in adding YOUR native tongue to the list (Brazilians? Italians? I know you’re out there, Korea!), please contact me HERE. (Check THIS post to see what I’m offering). OH! And if your language is already “taken,” PLEASE don’t be afraid to send me an e-mail anyway… I’d like to have some potential translators “in reserve” in case the workload gets too overwhelming for the folks already signed up.

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1) Ms. Victoria “Vicious” Whisper will be back on her branch to answer your questions once a week starting NEXT WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30th. Keep sending your queries to VICIOUS @HEARTSHAPEDSKULL.COM. Lots of questions have already piled up in there, but yours could be the best of all.

2) Serenity Rose Vol. 3 is still likely to start up on target this fall. And the first 10 pages will be a STORM OF UNPRECEDENTED FURY.

3) Still waiting on a contract for ELDRITCH!, sadly. Drew and I were hoping to have Anya out there hacking chunks out of Elder Things by now, but reorganization fever at DC seems to have delayed things a bit. As is usual in these situations, those of us tasked to create the artwork in question have been left to wander in the land of shadow and mystery. This is why it’s so important for artists to maintain their OWN websites to bring the things they love straight to the people. More important day by day.

4) SPEAKING OF MY OWN WEBSITE… Interested in showing your support for Serenity Rose? The best way is to buy a print or some original art straight from the SHOP. (You can also buy a signed print of ANY page of the comic by clicking the lil’ “buy a print” icon between the arrows. Sold a few of those already, and man… I sure do love what this printer’s been doing.) Your support will really help ease the “waiting for DC legal” aches.