Ted Newbarn: NAKED HE DARES.

If you’ve read page eight of our new comic, ELDRITCH! one question is no doubt burning a hole through your brain as we speak: “Just who IS this mysterious pear-lifter with a beach-hunger for cool cars and hot lix?”

Well, his name is Ted, he sells real estate, and he is the most dangerous living thing on planet Earth. If you want to know more, I’m afraid you’re just going to have to VOTE it out of me. (Or read slightly more information at Drew’s blog right HERE. Say hi to Christopher McDonald!)

The latest Zuda rankings went up yesterday, and, despite HUGE levels of support from all you guys, ELDRITCH! somehow dropped to second place again. We seem to be engaging in some Anya Sobczek-level ass-kickery in the “favorites” and page views, and we seem to have a slightly better rating than anyone else… but I guess we just aren’t getting the VOTES. So, PLEASE, if you’re really liking the eldritch horrors we’ve unleashed and would like to see further unleashing, please help get the word out! Tell your friends, your parents, your co-workers, your little sister, the dogcatcher, that creepy guy in the windowless van at the end of the block, EVERYONE.

And thanks again for all your help so far! ONE MORE WEEK.

. . .

If you happen to be around Los Angeles this Saturday, Drew and I will BOTH be appearing at the L.A. TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS at the UCLA campus from 1-4 PM, right under the glorious SLG Big Top. I’ll mostly be there to sign Serenity Rose stuff, but if you want to print out some of your favorite ELDRITCH! pages for us to sign, that’d be all kinds of cool, too. The more pixellated the jpeg, the better. Hope to see you there!