“We begin, as ALL good stories do, with Charles Darwin traveling through time in a bathysphere.”


Mr. Darwin’s submersible begins its voyage as a “shoulder cap” at the dawn of life, partially obscured in a big flubber of bubbles. He observes the entire history of human evolution as it ribbons its merry way along the “arm of time,” beginning with a formless glob of chemistry and continuing through unicellular life, sponges, flatworms, fish, reptiles, mammals… Lemur, proconsul, australopithecine, homo erectus, and, ultimately, homo sapiens, US, wielding a torch to ignite a forearm-mounted ROCKETSHIP TO THE STARS. (The stars in question being knuckles. Knuckles on their way to split your damn fool lip if you talk smack about my man Chuck D(arwin).)

(NOTE: I just finished reading The Ancestor’s Tale by Richard Dawkins, and it turns out that Pikaia creature might not be as important to our evolutionary story as Anya thinks it is. THAT ought to cost us a few votes at Zuda!)

Designing Anya’s tattoo was one of the funnerer parts of making ELDRITCH! The whole goth/punk/whateveryouwannacallit scene is just FILTHY with hard-core scientific rationalists like Anya, and it was fun to design a character to reflect that subculture within a subculture.

It ain’t ALL Tarot and vampires, Hollywood.

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