Over at his BLOG, ELDRITCH! art-lord “Dolby-Lovin'” Drew Rausch recently posted his first sketch of our fire-breathing main character, Anya.

So here’s mine:

. . .

Scanned directly from the original crumbling, yellowed papyrus dated ca. October, 2005. Believe it or not, ELDRITCH! (then called “FESTER”) began life as a pitch for DC’s dearly departed MINX line of books for teenage girls. Will it shock you to learn the book didn’t exactly fit the “real girls in the real world” vibe they were going for at the time? (I still say “magic tentacle infections” are a REAL PROBLEM, DC. LOOK IT UP.)

ELDRITCH! kind of took a backseat for a few years while I worked on Blabbermouth, Fables, and Serenity Rose Vol. 2 (among other things), but it never stopped rattling around in my brainparts. When Drew suggested we collaborate on something, it seemed like a natural.

But back to Anya… “Ol’ Darwin Tats” here is the one part of ELDRITCH! that hasn’t changed much over the past five years of brain rattling and collaboratory re-jiggering. After Sera and Vicious, Anya is my favorite of my own little creatures, so I’m beyond 0happy to FINALLY be able to introduce her to you all. Drew has a wee character bio on his blog, but I’d rather let you learn about her in the next 52+ pages of ELDRITCH! (FINGERCROSS.) For now, let’s just say she’s a combination of “Darwin’s Bulldog” Thomas Huxley, Harry Houdini, and Warrior Queen Boudica.

Maybe a bit of The Lord Humungus, too.

. . .

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