The Slow Boat from China has arrived, and Serenity Rose Vol. 2: Goodbye, Crestfallen! will finally (finally!) be set loose upon the comic shops THIS WEEK.

To celebrate, what do you say we get down and do a good old-fashioned BOOK SIGNING, comic-style.

The kindly prestidigitators at ALAKAZAM COMICS in Irvine, CA have invited me to come sully the reputation of their fine establishment this SATURDAY, JANUARY 30th, from 4-6 PM. I’ll be chatting with fans, doing sketches, selling original pages, and pulling rabbit after rabbit out of my wee little tophat until we all suffocate under 60,000 lbs. of luxurious angora fur. (Or until 6 PM, whichever comes first.)

Irvine is about an hour down the coast from Los Angeles, so hopefully a lot of you Southern California types will be able to make it. Check out the Alakazam site for more specific directions and so forth.

I think the last time I did a book signing outside of the San Diego Comic-Con was… never? Was it never? Might’ve been never. Wait… No, I did a couple of Alternative Press Expos a long, loooong, lllllooooooooonnnnngg time ago. ENORMOUS THANKS to Holly at Alakazam for her concerted efforts to get me out of my house and down to Irvine over the past few years. (And if anyone else out there happens to own/manage a comic book store in a (especially in the NON Southern California-ish parts of the country) and wants to set up a similar event, it could very well be possible.)

See you in Irvine!