Wow, has it really been EIGHT MONTHS since my last eBay auction? Doesn’t seem possible… You, my friends, have been woefully under-served! Sorry about that.

BUT ANY-WHO. I have FOUR new pages from Serenity Rose Volume 2: Goodbye, Crestfallen uploaded to the eBayosphere right now, just in time for our current holiday season of gift-giving obligations. This will be the last auction before the book release next month… I figured you die-hard secret internet clubhouse folks deserved one more chance to grab a page or two before the larger comic book world is reminded of my existence in December.

HERE ARE THE THINGS (clicks and such for the listing):

BIdding ends this Monday, November 30th.

Thank you in advance for the biddery! I’m not quite sure when the next set will go up for auction, but I suspect it won’t take another EIGHT MONTHS. And, of course, let me know if there’s a page you’re particularly interested in… I’ll try to include it in the next batch.