Wow, has it really been five months since I last did sketch commissions? Who stole all that time from me? Was it you, big freelance character design job? Or you, big horrible brain tumor scare? Or maybe it was you, big horrible Sarah Palin scare?

No, none of you? Well SOMEbody’s responsible around here…

Anyhow! I actually did a couple of wee tattoo designs for this batch of commissions. Never done that before. People send me photos of their Serenity Rose tattoos every now and then, but these are my first little stabs at made-to-order skin art. Turned out kind of okay, I think:

“Remember You Will Die” and “Remember to Live,” if you’re wondering.

More stuff all up in the commissions gallery.

Anyway, if you’d like to commission your own merry little scribbling (Christmas is coming, eh?), send your request to The base price is $50, and $30 for each additional character on the same page. Shipping is all kinds of free within the U.S., and a mere $3 to parts beyond.

Parts like Obama, Japan!