What do you see, lil’ Serenity…

Wow, so how about those first ten pages? Pretty green, eh? I just thought it’d be nice to start things off with a big explosion of green ectoplasmic hell. (What story wouldn’t benefit from that, I ask you? Annie Hall would’ve been classic!)

I still haven’t decided if I want to burn through this book at two pages a week or play it safe (for now) and roll them out just once a week. It’ll probably vary as we go on, but I think I can safely say there’ll be at least one new Serenity page every seven days. Neat! Page 011, featuring whatever the hell long-haired teenage Sera is looking at, will appear this coming Wednesday.

In other developments, the big freelance project I’ve been working on for the past couple weeks is coming to an end pretty soon, which should free up some time for commissions. Hurray! Sorry to everyone who’s been waiting so patiently for those; you should have them by the end of the month. People have thrown some really fun stuff at me this time… can’t wait to dig in and start some arts.

And did you know the first printing of Serenity Rose Vol. 1 has officially sold out? Yeah, it kind of snuck (sneaked?) up on me, too… The second printing should show up sometime this summer, though, hopefully in time for Comic Con. If not, look for me signing autographs behind a big stack of discarded panel schedules. In the parking lot. Behind my house.

I will keep you updated!