Dear god, I almost had a heart attack there… All this “YAY SR VOLUME TWO!” buildup and would you believe I almost couldn’t update today? Yep, the site went all finicky for some unfathomable reason, right smack at the worst possible moment.

BUT… after one small conniption fit, I have defeated it. And Serenity Rose Volume 2, my children, IS ALIVE.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with the ol’ livejournal for the past few months, you’ve probably already seen Page 001 here. Big letdown, eh? But wait, what’s that you are hearing…


That’s right, fellows: 10 Serenity Rose pages, 10 Serenity Rose days. We’re going daily for the next week and a half (then probably a page or two every week thereafter… still mulling over the schedule here).

I’d like to write more, but man, am I sleepy… I’m working on a very cool freelance project that could potentially pay for the rest of Serenity Rose Vol. 2, which is nice, but the schedule’s kinda really tight. So probably not much in the way of blog posty communication for the rest of the month, sad to say…

New pages, though! And that’s what you’re here for, innit. After way too long a wait.

Thanks for sticking in there.