UPDATE 8/13: Thanks for bidding on / enduring constant posting about the Zim auctions, everyone! I really appreciate the generosity. Now let us never, ever hear the word “Zim” again.

UPDATE 8/12: FINAL AUCTION IS UP. The end of an era! Be a part of history! HYPERBOLE! After this auction I’m never printing any of these Zimmy prints ever again. Bidding ends Monday around 3:00 PST, with 25% of the proceeds going to The American Cancer Society. (Not to overstate things TOO much here, you guys, but… I think we may have a chance to cure cancer tomorrow.) Good luck, and thank you so much to everyone who’s bid!

UPDATE 8/11: Thanks again for the biddery! Auction #4 is up now. The Red Cross gets 25% this time, because they heard there was charity loot to be had and sent some of the boys over to rough me up. Bidding ends Sunday around 2:30 PST. Good luck!

UPDATE 8/10: Thanks so much for bidding, everyone! Auction #3 is up now. This time 25% goes to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, an organization dedicated to ensuring no one goes to prison for making comics about lesbian witches. Bidding ends Saturday around 2:00 PST. Good luck!

UPDATE 8/9: Thanks so much for bidding, everyone! Auction #2 is up now. This time 25% goes to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Foundation. (Yep, the SpaceCamp people.) Bidding ends Friday around 1:30 PST. Good luck!

UPDATE 8/8: Auction #1 is up! One of each print, ends Thursday around 12:30 PST. 25% goes to the Humane Society of the United States. Good luck, squeedlings!

UPDATE 8/3: CHANGE OF PLAN: Instead of a mad free-for-all in my store next week, we’re going to do a nice, orderly (OH GOD PLEASE) series of EBAY AUCTIONS for the remaining prints. Starting Wednesday, August 8th, I’ll put 4 prints (one each of the Zims, Humans, Creatures, and Invaders) up for bidding every day for 5 days, 20 auctions in all. 25% of every auction will go to charity, possibly Citizens United In Revulsion Toward Baloney (CUIRTB), but more likely the American Humane Society. Follow my tweeters and faceborks and know all the things as they happen!

UPDATE 7/30: I held back a few of the limited edition InvaderCON prints for you internetty types. Just five of each will go up in my store NEXT WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8th at NOON (Pacific time). They will flicker but briefly, then be gone forevermore… SHOP LINK CLICKY CLICK.

This weekend (July 28-29) is INVADERCON 2012, and I WILL BE THERE.

Some of you old-timers may recall that back in the days before the earth solidified, when the shoggoths were but a twinkle in the eye of the Elder Things, I worked as a character designer on an awesome animated series/Hot Topic t-shirt generator called INVADER ZIM. The show was brutally smothered before its time, but in the ensuing epochs its legend has only grown… and now there’s a whole CONVENTION devoted to it this weekend in Torrance, CA. It’s the second year, even!

I’ll have my own little table in the dealer’s room this time, dealin’ Zims to all comers. All my books, prints, original pages and t-shirts will be available, including some limited-edition INVADERCON EXCLUSIVE thingummies, observable below.

Pretty neat, huh? 13 x 19″, print run of 30 each. I did all the drawings on these four pages, and most of the design work on the “Creature” and “Human” ones. I know Jhonen did the first sketches of Nightmare Bitters and the baby thing there (and of course approved and/or tweaked almost everything), John Fountain designed most of those beautifully mangled Zims, and (I think) Chris Haynie was the main character colorist for the lot. Them guys is all brilliant, I was lucky to have a chance to work with them, and if any one of them ever needs a kidney, it would be my pleasure to murder a drifter on their behalf. Even if they don’t need a kidney, frankly.

Anyway, InvaderCon should be a fun, nostalgic sort of weekend for me, and I hope to see a lot of you guys there, cheering for me and Rikki Simons as we form Master Blaster to battle in the TORRANCE THUNDERDOME!* Celebrities, fun, prizes, joy, torment, STUFF: BE THERE!


Saturday, July 28 – Sunday, July 29

10AM – 6PM

Torrance Marriott South Bay
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, California 90503
(310) 316-3636

*Sadly, I am “Blaster.”