Well, if it ain’t my ol’ friend, Cap’n Mal.

Reckon you and I got some unfinished business needs conductin’ here, Mal. Conduct it right here and now if not for that pretty lil’ thing danglin’ off yer- WHOA… Whoa there, lil’ darlin’… No cause to go wavin’ steel in a man’s face. Ain’t got no quarrel with you…

…Well, Gol-dang… Now what do we got here? Reinforcements done have arrived, eh, Mal? Called in ALL your dogs, eh? Annie Oakley and her lil’ boy toy? Couple’a magical-kickin’ gong-fu types? Three spastics in a tin cylinder? Parrot-lovin’ city folk?*

Sheeeeit. I know when I’m beat, Mal. Suspect you got yourself a WHOLE SHIPLOAD MORE where these came from, as well. Ain’t fixin’ to get myself deceased this evenin’, that’s for DAMN sure.

But let me leave you with just one lil’ bit of advice, ol’ pal: The commission queue is full for May, but if you’d like to get on the list for June, send a message to SERENITY@HEARTSHAPEDSKULL.COM and we’ll see if we can’t fit you in. Thank you so much to everyone who’s submitted a request. The response has been truly humbling.

*spits on the ground*

Loved you in Super, Mal.


*Parrot-lovin’ cityfolk courtesy of Penny Blackfeather by the fabulously talented Francesca Dare. “REGENCYPUNK: Gothic, but with more parrots.”