Come over here, guys… Let me just crack open the door a teensy tiny bit and we’ll all take a look outside. Just a small peek into the bright and roaring world of WORK-FOR-HIRE. I know it’s scary out there, but bear with me. Remember the last time I had you look at one of my freelance jobs? The LYLIAN comics? That was fun, wasn’t it?

Today’s glimpse into the world of non-comics is THE PENELOPE ROSE by Mobad Games. Whereas my Lylian job was “spooky cute,” The Penelope Rose is CUTTING-EDGE CUTE.™®© Check it out:



The Penelope Rose is an iPad/Phone app that creates a three-dimensional experience with no glasses required. The effect is sort of like peering through the window of a tiny diorama you hold in your hands. Tilt your iPad one way, you get one view, tilt it another, you get another. Up and down and every whichaway. Go ahead, look behind the iPad… there’s nothing there. ALL IS ILLUSION.

Here’s another video to give you the idea:



The characters are all my designs, but every speck of painting was done by the infinitely talented Gian Marayag. The Mobad team (including the infamous Ami “Gofflin” Goff) has come up with something really special here, a fresh, unique and genuinely INNOVATIVE way of telling a story, and I’m proud to have been a tiny part of it. (For more joyful raving, please consult Digital Storytime, The iPad Fan, and this very flattering mention at the mighty CNET.)

Penelope Rose is on sale RIGHT NOW through the App Store for nothing but a cute lil’ $6.99. A CUTTING-EDGE CUTE™®© lil’ $6.99. Please give ‘er a look, download a copy, and become one with the new-ness.