I WILL be attending this year’s San Diego Comics-Con Extravaganza of Half-Assed Hollywood Bullshit (SDCCEHAHB), safely ensconced within the SLG Publishing booth (#1815) right next to DC Comics. Looks like they’ve got me bolted in there from 1-4 PM Thursday through Saturday, and 1-3:30 on Sunday. Hope to see you guys there! I will certainly have some prints and original art for you, but sadly, no cake.

The FULL schedule and list of other awesome arty-sorts (Including Serenity Rose pinup alumni Ross Campbell, Tommy Kovac, Jhonen Vasquez and ELDRITCH!’s own Dunkin’ Drew Rausch) is up now on the SLG site. Truly, an embarrassment of artists!

Sadly, with my schedule the way it is, I dunno if I’ll have time to shop my supermen portfolio around like I’d hoped… I’ll keep plugging away at it, though!


. . .