DID YOU KNOW… this site has a forum? And that it’s been there for over six years? And that people still go poking around in there literally every single day? And that, due to my utter incompetence when dealing with phpBB and CSS coding for message boards, it has not been significantly updated since 2004?

ALL THESE THINGS ARE TRUE. Except the last one, which I rendered moot (MOOT, I SAY) over the weekend. BEHOLD:

Now running on phpBB 3.07 and tricked out with all manner of new BEAUTY (but carefully preserving the e.e. cummingsesque “no caps” fixation I had in 2006), the board is up-to-date, super-slick, mega-pink and fully capable of withstanding the wittiest bon mot you’ve got to hurl.

As a bonus, here is EXCLUSIVE webcam footage of me dealing with the CSS code on Sunday: