…Or, actually, ONE new print and TWO new units of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:

Yep, the ones on the right and left are exactly what they seem” Every single story page from Serenity Rose Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, shrunk down, meticulously arranged in grid form (taking way longer than I thought it would), and printed out on 13×19 sheets of Canon Premium Matte Fine Art paper. Why? BECAUSE IT’S COOL, that’s why!

“Sharing your mental illness with others is the very essence of art-making.”

The resolution of the wee tiny images is just astonishing (jpegs just can’t do them justice). The text isn’t legible, of course, but the images… SUCH PRETTINESS. Thank you, Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mk. II! Never again will I question you insatiable hunger for ink and virgins!

I’ve gotten a few requests to make THIS particular image available in print form, too:

So there it is! Available in two sizes: GIANT SIZE (13×19 inch) or smallish (8.5×11 inch), pretty as a peach either way. I think this one might be my favorite print of the lot, as a matter of fact. (Hooray for simplicity!)

All these prints are waiting patiently for your love in the Heart-Shaped-Shop etsy store right now.

The original Serenity-Vicious-Tess triptych is still there, too, but who knows for how much longer… A NEW ERA OF PRINTMAKING is upon us, my friends, and the old gods must soon make way!

Thanks again for all your support!