Every so often I mention doing various “freelance” jobs here and there, just to get the bills paid and so forth. This might strike some of you as somewhat mysterious, since I never post any examples of this so-called “freelance” work. “Is he ASHAMED of this work?” you might ask. “Is it nothing but Smurf pornography and ‘peeing Calvin’ decals?”

The answer is no, it’s not ALL “peeing Calvins.” In fact, there’s some really cool stuff in there! I just don’t do a tremendous LOT of this kind of stuff, is all (I should do more, but I don’t). And quite a bit of the work I DO take on is concept design for various animated projects that don’t end up getting, y’know, made, and are therefore relegated to The Island of Misfit Copyrights forevermore. It’s sort of frustrating, actually. There’s a lot of work piled up on my hard drive I’d like to dust off and put on the site.

Not EVERYTHING gets locked away in the development basement, though. For example…


This here is a series of webcomics I wrote, penciled, finished, and colored as sort of a promotional tie-in for a PC game currently in production (check out the cool trailer dealie on the site). Lylian is about a wee kid trapped in a filthy, monster-filled insane asylum with nothing but the whippy arms of her straightjacket to protect her. Each page I’m working on has to do with a different hospital inhabitant and how they may (or may not) have gotten there. Not sure how many of these things we’ll do, but the plan is to put one out every other week or so for a little while, at least. There are two up there right now.

Go check ’em out, eh? (Lower right hand corner, innit.) They’ve been lots of fun to work on so far.

Three cheers for projects you’re allowed to see!