Huh. I seem to have a finished book here. 2 years of my life and 122 painfully pencil-rendered pages, all formatted, zipped-up and delivered to SLG Publishing. Should be some news about that before too long.

I feel like I should be more… jubilant right now, but honestly I just feel sort of… deflated. I’m really happy with how the book turned out – or, well, the book feels like ME at least, it feels RIGHT, which all I can really ask for – and I’m beyond excited to see it all printed up and proper… I just don’t have that “VICTORIOUS CONQUERING HERO” feeling I thought I’d have.

Postpartum depression, probably.

But HEY, nothing cures the old “nothin’ to do stomach churns” more than having stuff to do, right? I’m currently hovering over a couple of large-ish professional-type projects right now, among other things (planning Vol. 3), but I should have some time to reopen the art commissions queue for a while. I know a couple of you guys have been waiting a while… sorry about that. Your time has come!

COMMISSIONS! are $50 ($30 for each additional character on the page) for a pencil sketch on 9×12 Bristol. I’ll draw pretty much anything you’d like, from my characters to other people’s characters to your characters to YOU to your friends to your mom to your garbage man to your garbage man’s secret lover to your garbage man’s secret lover’s vengeful spouse in the act of walling them both up forever in the basement and cackling like a madwoman to what-have-you. Stuff like this:

More details (and examples) on the COMMISSIONS PAGE. Hey, pretty snazzy!

Please, won’t you help defeat the Ennui of Completion? Thank you kindly!

(I should probably also work up some new prints of some kind…. Any suggestions?)