Okay, this’ll be sort of a test run… I have four pages from Goodbye Crestfallen up for sale on eBay right now, with a minimum bid of a paltry $5. That’s right: FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS. I’m expecting it to go slightly higher than that by the end, but if it doesn’t, no worries… I have a bottle of gin and a loaded revolver on hand just in case.

Here’s what we’ve got (clicks and such for the listing):

BIdding ends this Sunday, March 29th.

And thanks in advance for the bids… Even if we only get these pages up to $5.10, every thin dime helps to keep this whole endeavor alive for another month (I have a machine that converts dimes to hamburgers). And if you don’t have the money to bid, no problem. Thank you just for reading (my other machine converts site hits to a delicious fish slurry).