Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. I figured I wasn’t the only artist on earth who’s completely uninterested in nuts-and-bolts process stuff, but it was nice to have my figuring verified. And I really appreciate all the suggestions.

I think regular exercise is probably the key here. I should just do the obvious thing and keep a sketchbook for practicing my “technique” on a more regular basis. The more you draw, the more you get your hand and brain used to drawing, the quicker you can blaze through all the tedious technical parts of the drawing process. Which is, y’know, sort of a “Duh” type of situation.

Some people suggested I hire an inker and/or colorist/toner to handle all the… unpleasantness. And yeah, I’d LOVE to do that, but foisting the gruntwork onto someone else is kind of just avoiding the problem. Also, people like to be paid in money, rather than the lovely rainbow personality charts I prefer to use as currency:

Look upon my elegance, ye mighty, and be afraid!

Thanks, everyone!