Aw, hang in there, Hellboy. You’ll catch a break someday, ya big lug!

I had very, very minor surgery the other day (finally got rid of that fetal twin that’s been yakking my ear off for 30 years), and the doctor gave me strict orders to lay off the long-winded blog posts for a couple of weeks. (Vigorous exercise and chronic wound-poking are fine, but gassing on for eighty paragraphs about Indiana Jones or whatever? Right out.) But I can still show you my favorite of the last batch of commissions:

Yes, it’s Sex and Violence month here at HSS Commissions Central (apparently!), courtesy of none other than Budd Root’s Cavewoman and Lusiphur the Poison Elf. To be honest, I wasn’t really familiar with either of these characters going in, but let me just say this: If you insist on carrying a gun AND a sword into battle… brother, you better find a use for both. (And if you insist on going naked in the jungle, you’d better befriend some dinosaurs. That’s my motto, anyway.)

As always, you can find more in the commissions gallery, including an Elektra, a Green Arrow, two Avatar folks and a veritable gaggle of pretty goth fellas – holy GOD I took on too much in May…

Anyway, if you’d like to commission your own merry little scribbling, send your request to The base price is $50, and $30 for each additional character on the same page. I’m hoping to get another batch done by the first week in July, but between nursing my newly en-Frankensteined body, taking on a new freelance job, and trying to keep up with SR pages, it might take me a bit longer… There will be a waiting list though, so don’t hesitate to shoot me your suggestions.

Also: Is somebody really trying to sell a first printing of SR Vol.1 for $63.93? You’re a MADMAN, Woody! A MADMAN.