“It is to laff, huh Mistah J?”

This month’s batch of art commissions was especially fun, so I figured I’d share a bit. Multiple requests for characters in the “lady super-people” genre this time, which sort of surprised me but really shouldn’t have. It’s kind of what I do, I you think about it.

Harley Quinn is my favorite, I think (hence the extra-massive image, donchaknow). There were a lot of beyond-brilliant things about the old Batman animated series, but that character was without question the beyond-brilliantest. A really slick design, an instantly appealing personality, and a note-perfect “40’s gangster ditz” voice… man, just all around good stuff. I especially liked the way her presence managed to significantly lighten up the Joker character without making him feel any less, y’know, psychotically dangerous. Still not quite sure how they did that…

I think Harley Quinn might be the only Batman TV character to ever jump from television apocrypha to full-fledged printed-on-paper in-continuity comic book “canon.” Which is kind of neat. I mean, Louie the Lilac himself couldn’t even pull that one off.

Anyway, the cheerleader drawing up there is from that “Heroes” TV show, which I still haven’t seen because Netflix won’t send me whole box sets at once. (I can’t be tying up my whole queue for a month to see this stuff, you STINGIES! Southland Tales waits for no man!) The other drawing is obviously good ol’ Wonder Woman (well, hopefully obviously). Now, it always kind of bugs me when people draw Wonder Woman like she’s wearing some sort of shiny metal one-piece, so I made sure to break the outfit up a bit. I also didn’t put high heels on her, because I’m not an idiot.

If you would like to commission your very own commission, click rightabouts HERE. The price is $50 for one character and $30 for each additional character on the same page. No backgrounds for now, sadly… There’s Serenity en-paging to do!

And now I sleep and dream of flaming pom poms…