And there they are!

Now, for whatever reason, when I started this “commissions” thing it never occurred to me someone might ask for a Calvin & Hobbes sketch. Which is really odd because, y’know, Bill Watterson is maybe my #1 biggest art hero ever (it sort of cycles between Bill Watterson, Tim Burton, and Hayao Miyazaki). I guess maybe it always just felt vaguely heretical to even consider drawing these characters… Like the very notion of it was simply not fit for respectable people like me. You don’t re-write Hamlet, you don’t re-paint the Sistine Chapel, and you don’t re-draw Calvin & Hobbes.

But I did it anyway, and it was a lot of fun.

It was cool, too, when I was flipping through my big stack of C&H books for reference, I was struck yet again by the incredible looseness of the drawings. It’s all so wonderfully scribbley and gestural, little bits and wiggles of detritus flying all over the place. So much energy… It reminds me -weirdly- of some of the old EC artists who’ve had such a big influence on me. Especially Jack Davis. That guy was an especially filthy little scribbler. And I love him for it, the creepy old cuss.

God, people’s obsession with “clean” drawings is a total mystery to me.

A couple more commissions that turned out pretty good, if I don’t say so myself but I guess I just did:

The first one is Starla-Faye Jovansensan from Jimmy Misanthrope’s “Agents of the Endtimes” webcomic, and the smaller floating girl in the second one is Faith from Thomas Szewc’s “Alone In A Crowd.” Thank you so much, Jimmy and Thomas!

If you want to be as cool as those guys, click HERE to commission your own… commission. And help keep Serenity Rose Vol. 2 going in the process. Seriously, it takes way less time and is far more enjoyable than taking on freelance jobs. Art directors always want “clean” artwork, y’know.