Hello and welcome to the new HEART SHAPED SKULL! I think it’s version 4.0 or something… Maybe 5.0… Whatever, what I do know is that this is the biggest site update ever, all kinds of large, and way, way overdue.

Come, let me count the new:

1. She’s blinking again! That’s pretty good, eh?

2. HEART SHAPED RADIO is back! Until the company hosting it gets sued to death!

3. There’s a BIO page!

4. And a CHARACTER page!

5. And a tiny little dollhouse version of Sera’s STORY so far!

6. A swanky, near-professional-looking STORE! And yes, I am taking commissions at the moment. My Wolverine is to die for.

7. Kids today with their slide whistles and hula hoops and social bookmarking… GET OFF MY LAWN! And take your “RSS feeds” with you!

8. A fan art HALL OF INFAMY!

9. THIS!

10. Miscellaneous other things!

11. Does Sera look different to you? I can’t even tell anymore…

12. That burrito from earlier ain’t sittin’ right…



15. OH YES! …the webcomic! Almost forgot… Serenity Rose, local witch, is returning to web-comic form exactly one month from now via Serenity Rose Vol. 2: Goodbye, Crestfallen! Her sequential-type adventures began in the inter-aether, if you remember, and to the inter-aether she has returned – for 120 pages of spookycute (and not-so-cute) mayhem doled out over the next 12-14 months or so. The plan is to put out at least two pages a week, but I can’t promise paid work won’t get in the way… What I can promise is that I won’t leave you hanging mid-scene or anything dreadful like that. You guys have waited way too long for this story, and I can’t wait to show it off.

Witches and monsters and goths and punks. G-men and night terrors, badly misshapen conjurings and hideous facial disfigurements… Massive absurdity, eccentric behavior, and bloody, bloody horror… And a sarcastic little introvert just like you and me, right in the middle of it all.

And goblins demanding spare change for tacos.

It all starts on March 14th.

If all goes well, the book will be published in dead plant form in early-to-mid 2009, long after all you lucky internetty sods have already had your big 120-page eye-binge. But we’ll just have to wait and see, eh?

Thanks again to everyone who’s waited so patiently so far… You guys deserve the coolest Serenity adventure there ever was, and that’s what I aim to give. Right after I take a nice, eight-day nap on the floor here.